Golden BC Guest House

The ambiance of the Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House

and the rustic wood furniture of Jerry Cook

Your Hosts:   Jerry and Jeannie Cook   Our Location:    Golden, British Columbia, Canada
The Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House is a warm and inviting B&B nestled in the forest amid spectacular mountain views, just minutes away from Golden BC.   Jerry and Jeannie offer warm hospitality and wonderful meals.   Jerry is a professional chef with many credits to his name.   He has run his own kitchens and restaurants and has cooked in top-end tourist hotels .   Jerry also creates rustic wood furniture and Jeannie is also a great cook.

Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House

Our tranquil Guest House in it's forest setting
This is the Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House, located just 5 minues from the TransCanada Highway as it enters Golden BC from the east. Our tranquil forest setting has beautiful vistas of the Purcell Mountains.   Please visit our main B&B Web site.

This Weblog about our Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House conveys a little bit of the ambiance of our guest house not shown by our main B&B Web site. Please scroll down to see a little bit more about our forest hideaway, just minutes from downtown Golden. We also show a lot of Jerry Cook's woodworking artistry.

The Kicking Horse Canyon B&B is pleased to offer special discount rates to the winter clients of Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing, of Purcell Helicopter Skiing and to the clients of Golden's many backcountry lodges.

Scroll down for winter photographs from the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B and for more information on opportunities for winter accommodation.

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Guest house Views of the Purcell Mountains
This is part of our view across the Columbia River valley to the Purcell Mountains. Our outdoor hot tub is located just below the front deck. It's a wonderful place from which to contemplate the tranquility and beauty of our location.

Kicking Horse Canyon B&B Aerial View An aerial view of the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B. A guiet, peacefull and private setting just minutes from Golden.

We welcome many winter skiers and summer hikers and climbers on their way to or from a wilderness adventure at one of Golden's many backcountry lodges. Our location is very close to the Purcell Heliskiing heli-plex, so we are a very handy home to local heli skiers. Click on the photo for a better look.

Dolls at Kicking Horse Canyon B&B

We're always here to give our visitors a warm and friendly welcome to our Golden BC Guest House. Most of our guests find our rustic log guest house a cozy and comfy home away from home.

Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House
Besides being a professional chef, Jerry's skilled in woodworking and our guest house is full of his rustic wood furniture. Besides his handicraft, we have many historic mountain photos and books about the Canadian Pacific Railway, Mountain Guides and Artists and Histories of the Canadian Rockies. Our living room is a bright and cozy place to curl up and browse through our collection of Canadiana.

Rustic wood furnture and homey atmosphere at our Golden BC Guest House
When there's a "nip" in the air, the old kitchen range keeps us warm and cozy. We don't cook on this, it's just for show and for helping out our regular furnace. By the way, the dining table is another example of Jerry's rustic wood furniture. The furniture goes well with the natural log construction.

Jeannie Cook, hostess and cook at the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B
This is your hostess, Jeannie Cook, in her modern kitchen. We cook our guests hearty full-course breakfasts and will do dinners too, on request. Our guests can "eat in" or make the short trip to the many fine restaurants in Golden.

Guests who arrange a special meal are treated not only to a gracious hostess, but also to a very good meal. Here's Jeannie setting up for dinner on Jerry's home-made dining table.

Winter at the Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House. Our log home is a warm and cozy retreat after a day's skiing or snowboarding, well away from the hurly burly of the mountainside. Relax in our outdoor hot tub and count the stars in the clear winter sky.

If you are heading for a backcountry ski trip, we can provide you a great place to prepare for your adventure or to recuperate afterward.

Although we are handy to Golden, we are also close to Nature and we are often visited by the local wildlife. Scroll down for more photos of our four-footed neighbors.

Vertebrae Lodge and Snowcats at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing
This is Vertebrae Lodge at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing located about 90 km by helicopter north of Golden in the Rocky Mountains. Your host, Jerry Cook is one of two chefs at Chatter Creek, where Jerry prepares high quality meals for 36 guests and about a dozen staff.

If you enjoy Jerry's cooking at Chatter Creek, you will enjoy his Guest House. Try us. We offer a very special rate to Chatter Creek clients on their way to and from their cat skiing tours.

Jeannie Cook at the Licking Horse Canyon B&B Guest House

When Jerry is away cooking at Chatter Creek, Jeannie Cook is chief cook and bottle washer. She runs the Guest House and looks after the guests. She cooks wonderful meals and keeps the B&B shipshape.

Jerry Cook's Rustic Wood Furniture at the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B in Golden BC
Here's a little more detail on Jerry's dining table. The vases are also his handiwork. The large container is really a kitchen utensel holder but it serves many purposes. Jerry makes much of our wood furniture. His woodworking artistry is boundless.

Jerry Cook's Woodcraft at our Golden BC Guest House
Jerry's cabinet, Jerry's boxes and Jerry's utensils. Jerry builds almost anything and does a wonderful job. When he's not cooking, he's creating rustic wood furniture. Jerry's handicraft fills our B&B Guest House.

Jerry Cook's woodworking creations cover a wide range from small wooden vases to dining tables and bedframes. There are a couple of his smaller pieces, a carving of a bear and a holder for brochures and maps.
When he has time, Jerry will sometimes build to order.

Rustic Wood Furniture and handicraft at the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B

Here's a little more of Jerry's home made wood furniture. His woodworking skills are considerable.

Rustic Wood Bedframe by Jerry Cook at his Golden BC Guest House
Jerry also builds our bedframes, side tables and end tables. Besides the rustic wood furniture, this room has it's own step-out balcony with a view of the Purcell Mountains. Please visit our comfy and warm B&B. We're just minutes from Golden.

More Rustic Wood Furniture at the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B
Another bedroom with another of Jerry's handmade bedframes. This rustic wood furniture is constructed entirely from local materials. As in this room, our B&B is a pleasing mix of log construction and conventional framing.

Hostess, Jeannie Cook serves her guests a full and hearty breakfast at the Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House in Golden BC. No one goes hungry!

The grounds of the Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House in Golden BC. An outdoor hot tub is visible to the right of the house. The grounds are surrounded by forest and views of the Purcell Mountains.   
To the right, an early buckboard carriage is amoung the memorabilia that grace the spacious grounds.

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Another corner of the Kicking Horse Canyon B&B provides satellite TV with a wide selection of channels. When you're not relaxing at the guest house, or enjoying Jeannie's breakfasts, the Golden area offers excellent walking and hiking trails, biking, canoeing, kayaking and rafting, mountaineering, and, in the winter, downhill skiing, cat skiing and heli-skiing.

We enjoy so much the company of our guests who come from all parts of Europe, Canada and the USA, as well as from many parts of the Pacific Rim and Asia. These folks certainly enjoyed staying in our rustic log guest house.

Here are a few more winter shots of the grounds surrounding our Golden BC Guest House. Our neighborhood deer are never very far away, and they often forage in our yard. Sometimes, we will get a glimpse of a bear, but they tend to stay away.

Golden has many winter activities that bring visitors here from far and wide. As mentioned above, Purcell Heliskiing is based just a few minutes away and Great Canadian Heliskiing and Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing are also based in Golden.

Golden is the starting point for the guests of a number of backcountry lodges. These remote lodges host mountaineers and backcountry touring and telemark skiers from around the world. See our Favorite links page for our list of local backcountry lodges.

Due to the risk of occasional highway closures after large storms, skiers and snowboarders heading to a backcountry lodge will often arrive in Golden a day before, so as to be sure not to miss their connecting transportation, which is often a helicopter. Once the helicopter leaves, there is no second flight! The Kicking Horse Canyon B&B goes out of its way to accommodate and assist these backcountry skiers and snowboarders. Ask about our special rates.

In addition to many opportunities for backcountry skiing, Golden is home to the famous Kicking Horse Resort and the Panorama mountain ski village is just a short drive to the south.