Golden BC Guest House

The ambiance of the Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House

and the rustic wood furniture of Jerry Cook

Your Hosts:   Jerry and Jeannie Cook   Our Location:    Golden, British Columbia, Canada
The Kicking Horse Canyon Guest House is a warm and inviting B&B nestled in the forest amid spectacular mountain views, just minutes away from Golden BC.   Jerry and Jeannie offer warm hospitality and wonderful meals.   Jerry is a professional chef with many credits to his name.   He has run his own kitchens and restaurants and has cooked in top-end tourist hotels .   Jerry also creates rustic wood furniture and Jeannie is also a great cook.

Rustic wood furnture and homey atmosphere at our Golden BC Guest House
When there's a "nip" in the air, the old kitchen range keeps us warm and cozy. We don't cook on this, it's just for show and for helping out our regular furnace. By the way, the dining table is another example of Jerry's rustic wood furniture. The furniture goes well with the natural log construction.